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The goal of this rod series was not to make the cheapest on the market, but to create the best value we possibly could. What we accomplished was a rod that not only looks, feels, and performs like the top line of rods on the market, but is also built with the same level of quality components and graphite! Even after months of casting the final version of the rod, we are constantly discovering, and rediscovering an inexplicable amount of reserve power that comes from the deep flex, Yet, unlike many other rods on the market that flex deep in to the cork for their power reserves, this series manages to do it without feeling too “floppy” or “noodly.” What you have is a catapult that recovers quickly, and sends even the heaviest of payloads off in to oblivion!

Each rod in this series has its own set of characteristics and special uses. While it is in all honesty probably the most versatile of two-handers I have ever used, the different sizes and lengths all lend themselves to certain strengths.

All of the 12′ to 12’6″ models really show their strengths with Scandinavian style lines. Even with these length of rods really showing strong points with the Scandinavian style lines, the 12’6″ 7wt blew us away with its butter smooth delivery of a short belly spey line and sink tip. I have had few experiences casting two-handed rods that felt as satisfying as delivering this combination across the river. As with every rod in this series; the deep flex power that was mentioned earlier hauls heavy loads delivered on modern Skagit style heads with ease.

The 13′ to 14′ rods all bear a lot in common in that they shine in both short and mid belly spey lines, as well as Skagit heads with heavy tips. I have grown unexpectedly fond of the 14′ 9wt in this lineup. The authority in which it launches a 650gr Skagit and 10′ of T-14 sink tip and weighted fly just had us floored with amazement. I have found myself giddy with excitement at times while throwing this rod set up with the Skagit. Feeling that deep flex come all the way down to my top hand, then recover quickly, all while pulling the fly fishing equivalent of a loaded down dump truck out of the water and 70′ in the other direction just never got old.

Though it may be redundant to say at this point, I am very excited about the release of these rods! It was a long time coming, but taking the extra time to get it right was definitely worth it. The finished product is not only performing better than we had envisioned, it is also unique in its characteristics, and didn’t remind any of us of anything else we had cast. Our design philosophy was to create a rod that was forgiving enough for beginners and novices, without sacrificing performance for the more advanced casters.

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