Simple Scud- by Tightlines Productions

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A great Scud pattern by Tightlines Productions ( Along with the great detailed tying, be sure to check out the informative underwater view of a swimming scud!

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  1. Bruce Balisterri says:

    Clear and focused tying of a very nice scud. Never saw the spotted Thin Skin used before. Looks very good! Thanks.

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  2. David Walton says:

    I am new to tying this year, and being mentored by a friend. I was fishing with my son in Glen Canyon last summer and used scuds purchased locally (in New England). The one you tied looks so much more realistic… I’ll be back to the canyon with my own flies this coming summer, thanks to your video!

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  3. Igor says:

    Good tail.

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  4. A great effective pattern which works well on most of the streams i fish

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