Scientific Angler ID and Mastery Textured line

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So Scientific Angler has really put out some neat things this year. With all the technical innovation that comes with an 3M brand, they may have rolled out the greatest “wish I thought of that” innovation. SA ID- a line identification that is printed on the front taper of a line. This is great feature for shooting heads or regular full lines.  No more guessing grain weights and tapers.  (can’t lie… Last fall I spent a morning fishing a skagit head backwards)

Another cool innovation at Scientific Angler is the Mastery textured line. I’m sure most people have heard about Sharkskin, and good and bad of its raised ridges. Ridges that allow lines to float high and with less surface area in the guides. The reduced friction = easier casting and shooting. But Sharkskin had some negative feedback since the abrasion of the ridges can be troublesome after a full day of stripping line. The Mastery Textured line is not raised, like Sharkskin, but rather dimpled like a golf ball. This new surface still gives you all the benefits of Sharkskin (high floating, low memory, great casting/shooting) but with out the abrasive surface.


Mastery Textured

Take a look at the Mastery Textured line in action.
Brian “Lucky” Porter from Musky Country Outfitters fishing the Mastery Textured nymph/indicator Line

YouTube Preview Image

… and Tim Pommer from Scientific Angler sharing some textured goodness
Make sure you take a look at Scientific Angler’s new website- They also have a very easy to understand Taper Chart- Taper Chart

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Bob Twombly says:

    Cortland had basically the same thing on their lazer lines 15 years ago…

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