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We are back with more benches from our readers. Due to the amazing response and participation, we know have a picture uploader on our forum ( for more details). If you have emailed your bench, don’t worry, it will still be posted. Thanks for the support!

First is Sharon. She didn’t say much about her bench… “When I’m not fishing I spend 2 to 3 hours every day tying here at my bench”. Sharon must be spending even more time on the water recently, that bench looks pretty clean

Matthew Workman has “Kind of a before and after shot. I think the wall material organization is key here. Still working on it, but the cool part about this room is. One chair, two desks. One side is my fly tying area and the other is my rod building area, all the while my dog can sleep in the bed right next to me. The rod bench was a china cabinet that I’ve converted to also be a gun case”

Terry long says “I’ll bet I’m the only Fly tyer in the Las Vegas desert. I love the fine detail work, Even though it’s not work, it’s one of my many hobbies. On a 2nd note, I don’t even know how to fly fish. I give most of my flies away to fisherman up in Montana when I go up there on vacation.” All this and Terry doesn’t even fish????

Bill Dixon sent over Here is my tying area. I designed the desk myself. My Dad had a good bit of white oak. I have a friend who does wood working and helped me. It has cedar lined drawers with slots up top to hold my hooks, beads and flies.”

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