CP’s Biot Emerger by Carl Pennington

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Material List
Hook: Scud Hook size 16 thru 22
Thread: 8/0 Grey
Shuck: Amber Z-Lon
Abdomen: Olive Brown Goose Biot
Wing Case #1: Mirage Opal tinsel
Wing case #2 Grey Flouro Fibre
Thorax: Adams Grey Dubbing
Legs: Grey Flouro Fibre

Step 1: Attach thread and attach amber Z-lon, bind down to bend of hook

Step 2: Attach Olive/brown goose biot. I tie this in notch up so it creates a smooth looking abdomen

Step 3: wind biot forward to the two thirds point of hook shank

Step 4: Attach first wing case material Mirage opal tinsel, bind back to the 60% point of the hook

Step 5: attach 2nd wing case material, Grey Flourofibre. Bind down to the 60% point of the hook

Step 6: Dub thorax

Step 7: Pull Flourofibe forwad and bind down

Step 8: Pull 1/2 of the fibre back on the far side, bind down. Pull the other 1/2 back on the near side and bind down. Trim the length just past the back of the thorax.

Step 9: Pull Mirage Opal tinsel forward and bind down. Clip tinsel and whip finish head

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    very nice that will catch fish

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