Cheesy Poof carp fly- by Nick Pionessa

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This fly is about as simple as you can find but dog damn does it work. so easy there is just no reason not to have some in the capr box. the short stout hooks stick well and won’t straighten even on carpzilla with 12lb tippet. mighty important feature for GL monster carp

Hook- Daiichi 1650 sz 6
Thread- tan 6/0
Body- Red fox body fur
Eye- medium bead chain
Flash- copper crystal flash

Mount you hook and attach your thread

6/0 tan daiichi 1650 #6

Drop a loop for the dubbing loop

make a dubbing loop

Choose your red fox body fur and cut a clump about an inch long

red fox body fur

a half in. square clump

Insert the hair into the dubbing loop ad spread out evenly. Trim one the butt ends

fox hair in tips to the left

trim off the butts

Spin the loop and brush out any trapped fibers

brush it out

all brushed out

Wrap the dubbing loop forward on the hook, making sure to keep the fibers pulled back

fold it to one side

fold and wrap it forward

bind it down good

Attach the medium bead chain eyes on the hop of the hook

tie them in on top

Select one strand of copper crystal flash and attach at the bead chain eyes

under the eye

behind the eyes

Trim to length

trim it off short of the fox

carp's eye view


catch a carp

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  1. Paul Tidroski says:

    Nothing new or special about that fly. It’s just another variation of the Bonefish Bunny we’ve been tying here in Florida and the Bahamas for as long as I can remember.

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  2. Morgan says:

    Cool fly!Think I’ll look for some red fox body fur at Somerset tomorrow.

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  3. Gregg Martin says:

    Nice pictures of an effective carp fly. Here we fish a similar fly of palmered rabbit strip with no flash and it is taken for bread I’m sure. This is something new to play with. Thanks.


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  4. John Sawtell says:

    Good clear pictures of an interesting fly. I will tie some for the carp later in the year. My experience of fishing for carp involve floating ‘deer hair’ patterns. This one will be a departure from the norm.
    Thanks – John

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  5. Brian McManus says:

    What insect does this “fly” represent or imitate?

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  6. Gregg Martin says:


    That is a versatile fly I think with it’s subtle flash and flowing/moving fur. Static, a crawfish, dragonfly nymph, leech, tadpole, crawler mayfly, etc. playing possum or hiding. Even decayed flesh or bread if people feed ducks. Moving, cast to sighted fish the same, with that motion all important for that essentail “drop”. One could play with legs, tail, and such, but I like it as it is.


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  7. thank you all for the comments. i certainly don’t profess to be the first person to put fox fur and gold bead chain on a hook. for carp or anything else. the dubbing loop is the key to this particular version. i have no idea what they think it is. we have speculated it’s more crayfish than anything else since crayfish flies work well here too. the areas we fish are not areas where people feed carp but i wouldn’t put the bread idea past them either. i may have to try some white ones where the fish are used to bread, that may work well. it was first tied in a hurry on my way out to fish and was designed to hover a bit for weed covered bottoms. you can change the eye size/weight to get it to hover more or sink fast. it hooked three fish that day and has been the best producer for us for the past two seasons. at this point i don’t care what they think it is!

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  8. Mtd885 says:

    Like mentioned above it is a Bunny Fly originated by Mel Kreiger for Largemouth Bass in Florida decades ago. It evolved into a genuine Tarpon Fly on a 1/0 hook. I do not bother to make a brush I just wrap the material,Finn raccoon, Arctic Fox, Bunny or whatever round the hook shank and secure. It works! I have caught many different species on this fly including black ones with hot orange heads imitating egg sucking leaches for Steelhead.

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  9. jack wolbach says:

    I’ve seen big carp jumping, for dragon or damsel flies I believe,in Ocean Lake Wy. and always wanted to go back and try and catch some on a fly. I’ll give this a try – thanks.

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  10. Tom Murphy says:

    Nice Tie, Nice fly.

    How do you fish it? Short strips? figure of eight. I’d love to give it a try.

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  11. Adam Kryder says:

    Great Post Nick!!!!

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  12. Chris Vargo says:

    Looks Good. Visible, Soft…Keep the Carp Patterns coming

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  13. Chris Vargo says:

    Maybe some ideas for you…click on my name

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  14. John Madert says:

    I bet you could get away with using the longer
    craft fur (tan).

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  15. Betty says:

    Eric Cartman will be proud! I like it very much, I got to tye up one for the season, thank you for the SBS.

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  16. Chuck says:

    Excellent. Ignore the, “KNOW IT ALL’S”. This guy is contributing to all of us, lets not be critical, but encourage all. Shame on all of you that cannot just sit there and say, “good fly”.

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