D-Rib Golden Stonefly

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Carl Pennington Fly Tying Demo at Ghillies Fly Shop in Colorado Springs, CO. The D-Rib Golden Stone is one of the coolest flies I have seen. It is a perfect match to our local stones and is a very durable fly. Try this in any of the stretchs of the S. Platte River. Carl is from Denver, CO and is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company.

Fly by Carl Pennington
Video by Juan Ramirez

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  1. David Walton says:


    I am new to fly tying and appreciated your video of the stonefly. Your attention to detail and comments about the process were very helpful.
    Here in New England, I am excited to not only tie this beauty, but to also fish it in a small trout river locally. Thanks again for taking the time to post the video.

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  2. orgil.haltar says:

    hi thats good working yellow stone numph.really good color and ,arts

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  3. Rusty Rustenburg says:

    Hi Carl WELLDONE video and very clear instruction! I am playing with exposed 35mm film for the backing sections..Thank you for the video.

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  4. Vic Loiselle says:

    I like this pattern. I think the little details shown in your video makes for a very well tied fly. Thanks for sharing. Vic L.

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