Ray Bergman Collection – 140) Governor Alvord

Ray Bergman Collection — By on February 2, 2012 12:20 pm

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Tail: Dark scarlet
Ribbing: None
Body: Peacock herl *
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Slate married to cinnamon *

* The Governor Alvord has the unique status of being the only peacock herl-bodied fly in all of Ray Bergman’s books with a married wing. When two colors are listed for a married wing as on the Governor Alvord the sections are normally equal in width.

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  1. david farris says:

    I love all of Ray Begmans wet flys

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  2. Don Bastian says:

    Hi David;
    Thanks for your comment! These pattern were in his books, but with one exception that he originated (The Quebec), they are all examples of commercially produced patterns, many of them historic 19th century flies. A correction of sorts perhaps, not necessarily “Bergman’s wet flies. Thanks again!

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  3. Bill Oder says:

    Hello Don,

    Is it my eyesight or does the plate painting for this fly show white over scarlet for the tail?

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