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Blue Spey- by Dai Jones

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Dai Jones ties a Blue Spey. A fly that can be adapted for color or size to meet local conditions. Dai fishes the color combination for Sewin (sea run brown trout). To see more of Dai’s work visit

Hook: Alec Jackson size 3 silver
Thread: White 140 denier, Red 70 denier
Rib: Silver Oval tinsel
Butt: Blue floss
Rear body: Holographic tinsel
Dubbing: Blue
Hackle (rear): Blue schlappen or saddle
Hackle (front): Dies guinea
Wing: Blue swan shoulder
Cheeks: Yellow jungle cock

Place Alec Jackson size 3 silver hook in the vise and lay a base of thread

Catch in the oval tinsel for butt, at the point of hook.

four turns of the oval tinsel for the butt and then tie off

Now run thread back up hook, and catch in blue floss for tag, and trim the rib.

Wrap the tag and run thread back up shank, and cleaned up the body.

Tie in the rib and holographic silver tinsel for rear body.

Wrap the tinsel and then the rib. Tie both off.

Trim the tinsel and fold back and bind the rib.

Tie in blue hackle at the tip

For dubbing I will use the split thread method for a dubbing loop. Split the thread (this is why i used 140 denier). Place dubbing in the loop and spin. Pick or brush the fibers out for a fuller dub.

Wind on the spun dubbing for the forward body.

Wrap the rib through the dubbing. Then wrap the hackle, following tight behind the oval rib, i have tied the hackle in heavy, you can also have it light by stripping one side of the feather.

Tie off the hackle and rib, trimming both clean. Then tie off your thread and change to Red Danville 70 denier for head.

Tie in and give 2 wraps of hackle, using dyed Guinea fowl for the front hackle

Tie in a blue swan shoulder for the wing

Secure and trim the wing.

Tie in dyed yellow jungle cock eyes for the cheeks

Secure and trim the cheeks, then build a head. Check the top view for proper wing and cheek setting. Add a light coat of head cement.

Finished fly

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  1. Jan Johansen says:

    Fantastic love spey flies many thanhks Jan

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  2. Dai Jones says:

    Hi Jan, Thank you very much for your comment.


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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  3. Naveen says:

    Please post more SBS for spey and salmon flies. Just love them so much. Thanks

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  4. Eunan says:

    Dai, a Beauty! Just getting in to spey flies myself.
    I’ll have to give this one ago. Think i have everything except the dyed yellow JC. undyed will have to do!

    Great fly and Great SBS


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