Ray Bergman Collection – 151) Greenwell’s Glory

Ray Bergman Collection — By on February 22, 2012 10:09 am

Tag: Gold tinsel
Tail: None
Ribbing: Gold tinsel
Body: Olive floss
Hackle: Dark brown furnace
Wing: Very dark slate

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  1. Crackaig says:

    Though that is a beautiful fly its not a Greenwell’s Glory!
    The original dressing for the Greenwell’s Glory is
    Thread: Primrose silk waxed with cobblers wax to give a pale olive.
    Wing: From the wing of a hen blackbird
    Hackle: Coch-y-bonddu hen. (Red brown with black centre and tips)
    That was the dressing given by Courtney Williams in his Dictionary of Trout Flies. He had a letter in his possession from the Cannon Greenwell, in his own hand, which gave that dressing for his fly.

    The original wing was tied posted vertical using a bunch of Hen Blackbird wing fibres. Very dark, almost black, brown fibres. There was no rib, and the body was formed from the tying thread.

    I don’t mean to be touchy but the Greenwell’s Glory is the most famous British trout fly ever.


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