Ray Bergman Collection – 182) Jock Scott

Ray Bergman Collection — By on March 8, 2012 2:24 pm

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Tail: Golden pheasant crest and short scarlet tuft
Ribbing: Silver tinsel
Body: Rear ½ yellow floss, front ½ black floss
Hackle: Guinea fowl fibers
Wing: Blue, yellow, scarlet, & white-tipped turkey – married; peacock sword topping, jungle cock eye **

* Note the Trout spelling of Jock Scott with two t’s.
** Assembly of the trout version of the Jock Scot wing can be variable. The white-tipped turkey is more easily mounted first, with the blue, yellow, and red married over. Also white-tipped blue mallard can be used on smaller sizes with the remaining colors veiled above them.

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  1. Ed Veaudry says:

    I feel like I should stand up and salute. This is an amazing looking fly. As a newbie, I need to understand more about how to marry wings. It seems there is a lot of opportunities to create new patterns. Thanks for sharing.

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