Sparkle Braid Prince Nymph- by Juan Ramirez

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“This is a Prince variation that I have been fishing recently. While I love the original Prince, I also love to work with different materials and see if the work as good or better than the original. This pattern, so far, has worked just as well. Try them in red and chartreuse for an attractor and caddis color.” – Juan Ramirez

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  1. Mitch G. Svaty says:

    I really like it, I’ve been looking for a differint
    pattern to make besides the tradional Prince Nymph.

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  2. John Sawtell says:

    It looks good and interesting variation. I will tie some up and look foprward to using it soon.
    Good description and video.

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  3. Tom Keeton says:

    Looks good. I will try it next week on the Ravenfork.
    Good video. Easy to follow.

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  4. Gallegovago says:

    Excelente !!!

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  5. Mitch Gunner Svaty says:

    It’s a great pattern, it works real well.
    I have gotten the hang of tying the pattern for
    having to replace alot of them

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  6. John says:

    I like this, I will try and make that pretty much close to what youdid and try it on the fish……Thanks for the vid.

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