Western North Carolina- Photo Essay- by Trent Sizemore

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The small, wild streams of western North Carolina are where I picked up fly fishing out of curiosity one day. From Hayesville, NC, I have easy to access to everything from reliable tailwaters and DH streams, wild creeks filled with rainbows, to small, rugged backcountry streams filled with native brookies.
Photography is another obsession of mine, and there’s never a trip I don’t have my camera by my side. I take pictures so I might bring back something people have never seen before and may never see again in their lives.
Below are just a few of my favorite images from the small streams of western North Carolina.

Trent Sizemore
[email protected]

Wild rainbow from a small NC stream.

Brightly colored rainbow from the backcountry of the Nantahala National Forest.

Very technical creek filled with spooky natives.

One of the many vivid brookies around the mountains of western NC.

A tumbling waterfall between runs.

Trent Sizemore
[email protected]

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  1. Revive FFP says:

    Very nice Trent. Thats awesome.

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  2. Bill McKinney says:

    Been there–done that!!! I now live fifteen minutes from the Henry’s Fork. I fish constantly. But, I always ponder the years I spent on the Little Pigeon, et al. From my youth, I cut my teeth on those rivers. Fantastic photos. How many realize that a dinosaur is in the palm of your hand? Awesome. Thanks for the memories.

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  3. John Mischle says:

    Nice pics Trent!

    Looking forward to enjoying our shared interests, fly fishing and photography two weeks from now in the shadow of Mount Mitchell. My family is kind enough to indulge my passions as we camp and decompress during the week of my birthday. Couldn’t wish for anything better.

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