Double Whammy- by Hans Weilenmann

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Hans Weilenmann shows his great emerger pattern. The colors can be adapted to meet local hatches.

Hook: Partridge GRS6A #12
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan
Abdomen: Argentinean hare, dark olive
Wing: Deer hair
Thorax: Snowshoe rabbit (aka Snowshoe hare)

See more of Hans’ flies at

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  1. Dan Wight says:

    A very nice simple pattern. I have tied and used a pattern that looks very similar but instead of the snowshoe in from I have substituted CDC that I happened to have lots of at the time. I shall try the same tie with the snowshoe and I am sure they will get along famously in my boxes.

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  2. bill hartlage says:

    I tie a similar fly using goose biot for abdomen,wing of elk with an underwing of ice dubbing and form a head of elk clipped as on a muddler. will try cdc or rabbit as on the double wammy

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  3. Mitch Gunner Svaty says:

    I like it, its a simple pattern and I’m just
    getting into using the Snowshoe rabbit material

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  4. Roger Wight says:

    Saw Dan Wight’s comment so it must be good

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  5. I like it.

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  6. Hans ties a lovely fly, i like to also add a little cdc into mine for that extra buoyancy

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