Kelly Galloup’s Articulated Boogie Man- by Brian Wise

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Brian Wise, Head Guide at River of Life Farm ties Kelly Galloups Boogie Man. A large articulated streamer, the Boogie Man can be tied in a range of color combos.
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Rear Hook- Gamakatsu B10s #2
Tail: Marabou
Body: Estaz
Hackle: Schlappen
Wing: Articulation Point – Beadalon with Glass Beads
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #1
Eyes – Lead
Body – Estaz
Hackle – Schlappen
Wing – Mallard
Head – Wool

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  1. Seth Harris says:

    Very nice fly and well tyed, particularly the presentation . I fish for Atlantic salmon and have never seen a fly of this type being used. Discounting the lead eyes, which is not permittwed on Atlantic Salmon flies, I was wondering what is the attraction of type of fly, better, why does Steelhead and {acific salmon take same…..just wondering. I might try on on my next trip to Queber, Canada. ‘
    TYhanks, Seth

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  2. Chris Sandford says:

    Inspiring! Thank you. CS.

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  3. Pablo says:

    Just a great way to show how to tie it, and the pattern looks like a killer. I will tie a couple tonight and show it to some big browns in the middle Limay next week! Thx! Regards from Patagonia Argentina!

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  4. Andy Meehan says:

    Being that I know tying principles it’s great when you do this in fast forward.

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  5. Mark Lord says:

    I knew Kelly when he owned the Troutsman Fly Shop here in Traverse City, Michigan. He was an innovative tyer even back then and helped me get started as a commercial tyer. I still tie his Hex and the awsome Zoo Couger! Maybe we could talk Brian into a Zoo Couger video. That would be cool!

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  6. Mike G says:

    Very nice fly. Using beads to get separation and color is genius. That Peak Rotary is a great vise. The rotary feature was saying< "Use me on the estaz ans schlappen."

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  7. Jess T says:

    very productive pattern with pike in Minnesota. I choose to add marabou to tail of lead hook to assist with filling the body and offer some added action to the fly. I add lead wire to give some added weight on a some, as well as rattle beeds to acticulation point that I stumbled accross in a dollar store.

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  8. BARRIE WATERS says:

    Very nice looking fly, going to tie some to try in the columbia river in CASTLEGAR..

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