Reverse Hackle Mayfly- by Hans Weilenmann

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Hans Weilenmann ties a simple mayfly pattern that can easily be adapted to meet and local hatch in color and size. The reverse method of tying the hackle for a fly (dry or wet) allows for a very clean head and ensures yout hakle is clean by the eye.

Reverse Hackled Dry Fly (generic)
Hook: Tiemco 102Y #15
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
Hackle: Grizzly
Tail: Grizzly barbs
Body: Muskrat; mole, dyed chestnut – mixed

Note: A generic hackled dry fly, to illustrate the Reverse Hackling technique
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  1. Mitch Gunner Svaty says:

    I like it! it’s a simple pattern
    which I can make easy.

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  2. Miguel says:

    Excelente !!!

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  3. Andrew says:

    Very nice Hans, thanks. :)
    Once I learned to tie my wet fly hackles that way, I started to employ the same method for my dries too. Like you say, much neater head, plus the reinforcement factor of bringing the thread back through the hackle – what’s not to like?

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  4. James says:

    I will rate it a 5. Because it’s faster and cleaner looking and also nicer looking heads. Good job Han’s.
    Thanks James:)

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  5. Tony says:

    Wonderful! I do some tying in my spare time, which isn’t much, and never liked how the head of my flies came out. This will truly make me happy with them!
    Thanks a ton!

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  6. Russ says:

    This makes a great way of tying on the hackle, a method I will begin to use. BTW, Hans has THE best website for fly patterns, from tiers all over the world. His website is at:

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  7. Jose says:

    How would one add a wing,say feather, yarn, deer hair and at what point?


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  8. swellcat says:

    Brilliance, elegance, and simplicity all abide here.

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  9. John in Columbus says:

    Hard to imagine this has not always been the prescribed best method. This insures better proportion of the entire fly, strenght and neatness.
    Thank you,
    John in Ohio

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  10. Joe says:

    A little research may be in order . . . Chauncey Lively was tying reverse hackle flies in the early 70’s. There is a pattern and pictures in Chauncey’s book.

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  11. hatchmatchers says:

    Well any how it’s a simple pattern
    which will catch fish,of which I believe is
    better than a harder to make pattern
    that you could lose on the first
    couple casts.

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  12. joyce says:

    wonderful..good reminder of this great technique.

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