Extended Body Light Cahill- by tightline productions

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Hook: Dai-Riki #305 size 12.
Thread: Olive, 6/0.
Tails and abdomen: Wood-duck flank feather
Wing: Snowshoe-rabbit’s foot.
Body/Thorax: Cream rabbit dubbing.
Head: Tying thread.

Video by Tightlines Productions check out more HERE

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  1. Dave says:

    A great idea! And a quality video with all the views we needed!
    Thanks for the idea!

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  2. I like it.

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  3. Mitch Svaty says:

    I like it. I tied one like it but colored to imatate a Green Drake Mayfly with some black hackle.

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  4. Mr. Q says:

    Nice…this thing falls on the water softly, and sits perfectly..great fly for spooky trout!!!

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