CDC Loopwing Emerger- by Richard Strolis

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Hook- TMC 212y sz 13, 15, or 17
Thread- UTC 70 Cream
Tail- Rusty Orangutan Ice Fur
Body- Polish Quill Fluro Yellow
Wing- 3 white CDC Feathers
Dub- Pale Yellow Spectrumized

CDC loop wing style of emerger has been around for quite some time. A durable and effective mayfly emerger, this color and size variation is for a sulpher, but can be adapted to meet local mayfly hatches.

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  1. Jerry Enyeart says:

    Very informative and clear. Good job!!!

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  2. Chris Sandford says:

    Always been a good fly…nice to see it well tied. Great!

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  3. very well done. simple and good

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  4. Ahab7 says:

    Nice tie, but seems you forgot the loop in “loop” wing.

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  5. Larry Wolff says:

    another concise Strolis vid, Thanks Rich

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  6. Meier,Pitt says:

    Where is the Loop ?
    Thats shows not a Loop Wing Emerger,it is a normal shuttlecock emerger !!!!
    The quill is not Protect, 1 bite and the fly is done

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