Hatches 2012: The Rio Grande Cichlid – Dots And The Painted Popper by Ronald Braud

Magazine — By on September 20, 2012 10:18 am

My fly fishing club holds a monthly fly tying session.
One of the first ones I attended covered the construction of balsa pencil poppers. The session leader provided class members three metal rods to paint eyes on the poppers made during the class. The rods worked well for the No. 4 and larger cupped poppers I made, but they proved too large for any size smaller than that. So I took a few needles of differing diameters and fashioned an array of smaller eye-painting tools. To add other details to the poppers, I first tried the India ink I used for pen-and-ink drawings. It proved less than satisfactory; when epoxied, the ink tended to smear. So I tried using my smaller eye painting tools using acrylic paint. This worked much better, so much so that I determined to see how far I could take the idea.
This is an introduction to the simple tools and quirky methods I have developed to make and paint popping bugs with brushes and hand made tools.

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