Balmoral Dee Fly – by Frank G. Swarner III

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Frank G. Swarner III shows how to tie a Balmoral Dee Fly tied on a Size 1.5 Alec Jackson Hook.

This fly is tied for fishing and not tied for show. The reason I state this is because there are some things I would do different for a show fly. Mainly how the tail is tied in. For a show fly I would not tie over the GP fibers, I would tie the tail in by the stem only.

You can see more great patterns and learn info from Frank on his blog-

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  1. Rob Kirsch says:

    If you put the but ends of the tinsels on the near side of the hook, would they tend to fill in the space behind the return wire and make the body smoother than it might be if they were left on the back of the hook shaft?

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  2. Yes you could do it that way Rob, and it will help make the body smoother, but the first turns of ribbing won’t look right. With a dubbed body it tough to tell anyway. Floss or tinsel body is another story. Using a stem of a feather is great way to achieve taper and match the bump of the return wire.

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  3. Qfly says:

    Frank I’m glad that you decided to show their films. I hope that more flytyers decide to take this step.
    Regards Richard

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  4. baz says:

    Very accurately done. I made long time ago dozen two or three, but I left quebec and came to Vancouver and here for pacific salmon do not use classic flies and so I sold them in ebay recently after 15 years. It takes lot of times, if you make different flies.

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