Pat Cohen’s Stacked Deer Hair Diver DVD Review by Alex Cerveniak

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If there is any fly tying technique out there that drives beginner and intermediate tiers nuts (aside from marrying wings), it spinning deer hair. What many of these tiers might not realize, however, is that there is an easier way to make bass bugs and floating deer hair flies; stacking deer hair. Unlike spinning deer hair, stacking requires about the same level of dexterity and coordination as locking down the wing on an elk hair caddis. Literally anyone can do it, and thanks to Pat Cohen’s new instructional DVD, The Stacked Deerhair Diver, anyone can do it well.

Over the past few years Cohen has literally gone from buying his own bass bugs to becoming one of the most respected bass bug tiers in the world. Pat won’s Rookie of the Year award and then in 2011, Cohen took home the website’s top honor, Fly Tier of the Year. Both awards came for flies which utilize the stacked deer hair techniques that Cohen has mostly developed on his own or taught himself. After being featured at the Hatches Magazine booth at the 2010 International Fly Tying Symposium, Cohen has gone on to become a regular featured tier at the event, as well as some of the biggest fly fishing and tying events in the world.

We’ve seen a lot of tying DVDs at Hatches, and this may be one of the best. The instructional content is easy to understand, and is shown via multiple camera angles to ensure the viewer gets a complete look at what they’re seeing. The video quality is excellent, as is the audio. Cohen leaves no stone unturned, and goes into in-depth instruction on how to perform every deer hair technique he has under his hat– and thats a big hat. This DVD is the new benchmark on stacking deer hair flies and we anticipate a new wave of highly skilled bass bug tiers will show up on the tying scene because of it.

The Stacked Deer Hair Diver DVD can be purchased directly from Cohen’s website, for $21.95 plus shipping and handling. Click Here for More Info

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  1. Jon Schultz says:

    Great looking bass fly, I’ll have to try that one.
    On the other hand it looks like a Jamaican party hat. LOL

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