Black Bead Bird Nest by Dave Gallenberger

Flies Using GCO Hooks, Step-by-Step Tutorials — By on October 29, 2012 4:51 pm

Materials Needed:
Hook: GreenCaddis 200R sizes #14-18
Bead: Black tungsten or black brass.
Thread: Olive 6/0.
Weight: Lead wire. (optional)
Tail: Mallard flank dyed yellow.
Rib: Copper wire.
Body: Arizona synthetics peacock, golden.
Thorax: Arizona synthetics peacock, golden.
Wings: Mallard flank dyed yellow.

Place your bead on the hook. With these 200R style hooks, it may be necessary to bend the hook gap out just slightly to get the bead over it. If you bend the hook too much, it will weaken the hook drastically.

Optionally, you can add lead weight to the fly. I always do since I am often using this fly to dredge deep bends.

Start your thread just behind the lead wraps, or about at the hook bend.

Wrap your thread parallel to the hook shank (perpendicular to the lead wraps) to “lock” the lead wraps in place.

Wrap your thread parallel to the hook shank (perpendicular to the lead wraps)back toward the hook bend. Once you reach the end of the lead wraps, wrap a few tight wraps around the hook shank.

Once you have wrapped your thread parallel to the hook shank to lock the lead wraps in, you can now wrap your thread parallel with the lead wraps without the lead wraps separating.

Measure your tail. It should be at least 2/3rd’s the length of the hook shank.

I leave the fibers attached to the feather. This way, It is much easier to keep the tips aligned if you mess up.

Tie in your tail. You can pull the tail to length if you need to.

Cut the fibers from the feather, and tie the tag ends in securely to the top of the hook shank.

STEP 10:
Tie in your copper wire rib.

STEP 11:
Dub your thread, and start wrapping a tapered body.

I always do one wrap of dubbed thread behind the rib, and then continue wrapping forward.

STEP 12:
Finish dubbing your body to where you will start your thorax.

STEP 13:
Wrap your rib, and tie it off.

STEP 14:
Tie in your legs on one side, and pull them to length.

STEP 15:
Tie legs in on the other side.

STEP 16:
Dub your thread to build the thorax.

STEP 17:
Dub your thorax slightly larger than the body.

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    I cannot imagine a fish not liking this one!!

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