Hatches Theater- Bull trout, Bristol Bay, Cool Water, and Tracy

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October fly fishing for native bull trout on Oregon’s Metolius River. Watching a 30″ trout wheel around to chase down an 8″ fly is a sight to behold and one I will never get used to. With the ongoing reintroduction of sockeye and chinook into the Metolius system you can bet the bulls are licking their toothy chops.
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I was one of two videographers and the chief editor of this video, produced by FoxCape Producions. I was recently given the opportunity to work with several fly fishermen in the Bristol Bay area. It was a great privilege to capture the pristine moments that fly fishing in Alaska have to offer. These people share a great knowledge and passion to preserve and protect the Bristol Bay fisheries. It was an honor and a blast to be a part of this production.– Blake Holmes

Colin Carlson of Finpusher gets after it in some “Cool Water”
Check out Colin at http://finpusher.com

Follow Tracy Moore with tracymoorephotography.com and Montana Matt on a beautiful Fall day fly fishing the Big Horn River. We brought our two Golden Retrievers with us and caught Rainbows and Browns on nymphs, dry flies and streamers. Their are a lot of dance parties and goofiness. Enjoy watching take after take and acrobatic jumps from the trout of the Big Horn River in Fort Smith Montana

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  1. Armando says:

    very well done for the dog….!

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  2. Harvey Rude says:

    Fun to watch, my goldens loved it!

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  3. scottpix says:

    Great film, well put together. looks a fab place to fish, can you give details of the music ?



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