Sooty Olive- by Hans Weilenmann

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Hook: Kamasan B175 #14
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
Rib: Wire, silver
Tail: Lady Amherst tippet, dyed hot orange
Body: Seal’s fur (or substitute) – mix of black, dark olive, dark brown and fiery brown
Collar: Hen, dyed black
Wing: Bronze mallard

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  1. Cap'n Bob says:

    I love to watch Hans tie and listen to his . His description of the steps are precise, and I find that many of his tying techniques are like mine. Or, I should say that my tying techniques are like his. I have learned a great deal from Hans over the years from participating in “fly swaps” where he was a contributor, and from his contributions and postings on the many websites. One of his most important contributions that affected my tying was the following statement, taken out of context…”Are you going to control the materials or let the materials control you”. He is a “master” tyer. Thanks to “Hatches Magazine” and to Hans for the generous sharing of knowledge. One thing I picked up on watching the video was his comment regarding tying in the tail tippet material. I do the same regarding tying it in at the second dark band. I learned that from our mutual friend and tyer, Alan Goodwin (The Highlander). Also, a small neat head. Thanks again for providing this wonderful website, and thanks to Hans for his contributions.
    Best regards to all and tight lines,
    Cap’n Bob

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  2. Kelly L says:

    HANS, this one is gorgeous! Right on the money!!!

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  3. Paul MacDonald says:

    Thanks for the nice video Hans
    The Sooty Olive is one of my favorites.
    Some of Bryant Freemans olive seal fur
    and a mallard from hunting. Doesn’t get much easier!
    Keji trout love them.
    Thanks for the help

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  4. Dave Miner says:

    Quite an effective pattern and very much like our own “Harris Soecial” here in the USA.

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  5. Dave Miner says:

    That’s “Harris Special”.

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  6. Dave Miner says:

    Sorry, I meant “Olive Heron”, DOH!

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  7. Great tying, Hans ! Are you visiting this year the flyhappening in Putte (B) ? I”m tying there with Jacco on saterday. Perhaps we meet.

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