EL Chupacabra- by Nick Granato

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Highly influenced by Brad Bohen’s Hang Time and fortified with Clear Cure Goo El Chupacabra is a staple in my Esox arsenal. After years of fishing and tweaking it’s a great confidence pattern that can be tied in a just about any color scheme you can imagine. But don’t think of El Chupacabra as only a Esox pattern as it has been successful for Peacock Bass, Small and Largemouth, Stripers, Baracuda and a gang of other salt and freshwater quarry. If you are a predator angler you won’t regret having a few of these on hand. But don’t just take my word for it, I’ll let the great photos from the fellas over at OutSmartingFish.com speak for themselves. If you think that all those steps are too much or you don’t tie you can also get the El Chupacabra in many fine shops that carry Rainy’s Flies or online Buy Granato’s El Chupacabra.

Material list in order tied:

5/0 Gamakatsu Superline Worm Hook
Danville Flymaster 210
Flash N Slinky
Flash N Slinky
Peacock Hurl
Grizzly Hackle
Craft Fur
Sharpie Markers
Clear Cure Goo Eyes Lava
Clear Cure Goo Thick and Hydro

Crimp down the barbs on the shank.

Lay a thread base.

Tie in a generous amount of bucktail.

Roll the Flash and Slinky in your hands to get a nice tapered end and tie it in.

Take a clump of Flashabou and wrap it down, fold the extra fish back over and tie it down.

More Flash and Slinky

More Flashabou

Tie in one or two pieces of marabou.

Take about 12 peacock hurls and tie them in. Make sure you make a nice thread taper at this point. It will help a lot with the next few steps.

Tie the hackle in on both sides of the fly.

Palmer two schlappen feathers together to form the collar.

Make a dubbing loop, wax the thread (I use extra sticky) and fill it with 1 1/2” pieces of craft fur.

Spin it tight and brush it out well. I like to use a yarn indicator brush.

Wrap the brush forward making close tight wraps.

Color the top with a sharpie for a base color.

Color the top with a darker color to crate a pattern.

Clear Cure Eyes, Lava, 5/16”.

Slick the eyes on each side.

They should come to a point like this to make room for the Clear Cure Goo

Fill in the bottom of the eyes with the Clear Cure Goo and cure it with the light.

Add more CCG on the top of the eyes. You can finish the head with Hydro or Sally Hansens.


Fish photos courtesy of Nathan Leavitt and the fellas over at outsmartingfish.com

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  1. Looks a lot like some of the flies I tied to go after Tigerfish in Botswana – especially the Flashtail Whistler at http://www.current-works.com/how-to-tie-fly/flashtail-whistler-fly-pattern/.

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  2. Awsome pattern thanks for sharing. I just whipped up a few and cant wait to get them out. Keep em coming!!!

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  3. MikeW says:

    Very Nice! I like it.

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