One in Winter- by Ryan Peterson

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There are many people who have tried to capture the feel of swinging flies for winter steelhead. In this short film Ryan Peterson, Rich Zellman, and Bo give you a glimpes into their chase of these prized an threatened fish through the State of Jefferson. You can almost feel the damp cold rain and hear the screaming drag… you feel the excitement as Rich gets “One in winter”.

“A couple seasons ago I swapped fly rod for camera and followed my friend, Rich Zellman as he cast for winter-run steelhead. Over countless days, eye traced rod’s path, over and over again. And over again. This is what came of that effort.

Respect and special thanks to Patagonia for conscientiously manufacturing and supporting stuff that makes our lives more fun.” -Ryan Peterson

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  1. Tom Herr says:

    Great video. Loved it!!!!!!!

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  2. Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face! Well done and very much appreciated.

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  3. RRRRR says:

    not impressed! learn how to fish first and where is the snow and cold weather if it is winter!! Get a net! Quit twisting your spey rod when you are fighting a fish you can pull the hook out!

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  4. Trinidabs says:

    Great job, patience pays off. Can’t wait for spring…

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  5. troutbumray says:

    Loved the video. Excellent cinematography. I have been dabbling with video myself and hope to get to that level someday,the problem is I keep fishing instead.

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  6. a.shagnasty says:

    Yes, a lot of time on the water and when it finally happens nothing is perfect and yet…

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  7. GP says:

    Love this video. Thanks guys!

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