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Gray Ghost Productions presents their latest installment “Turning Tail”

Throughout the east coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. The Atlantic salmon is arguably the holy grail of freshwater angling, a cultural icon and a great indicator of the effect of man’s troubled history with his natural environment. This journey explores the outer most reaches from the wilds of Labrador, the Gaspe Bay Peninsula and New Brunswick to the inner workings of hatcheries and fish traps. From the rich sporting heritage to the mystery while at sea, this film will take you on an exploration of a lifetime, well beyond the leap.


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  1. Paul Rankine says:

    Who said we don’t know what we got till it’s gone.

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  2. NH fly says:

    We have wasted millions on a Atlantic salmon program that has been a guaranteed failure from the start- proverbial cart before the horse.

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