Show us Your Bench #15

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Dave Lindsay from Edinburgh Scotland says “Here’s a couple of shots of my bench one is fairly tidy and the other is a work in progress. 90% of my tying is pike and predator flies… enjoy “
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Craig G. Broyhill
“I’ve been tying and fly fishing for ten years now and enjoy both very much. My tying bench is located in our family area down stairs. Here (in my own little corner) I have a portion of my cave, so-to -speak. Many a winter day is spent in front of my bench designing my own fly recipes as well as tying for others. Every month I have the tying portion of our local fly fishing club over for several hours to tie, exchange ideas or tell stories of their most recent concoctions or travels. Most of my storage drawers can be purchased at any big box store. The walls hold photos of friends and family in the pursuit of fishing- all over these United States. If anyone out there has a TrailWater trailer for soft watercraft (ie. Pontoons, rafts etc.) it all started here.”

Matthew Workman is doing something right
“Only single men are truly given the freedom to make the greatest fly benches.
Attached is a before and after picture of my fly tying bench, after I did some good material organizing on the walls….
Then a quick swivel puts me onto my gun cabinet / rod building area. An old china cabinet I’ve utilized otherwise.
100% fly fishing / hunting room. “

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  1. Herb says:

    Does anyone have “building plans” for a fly tying desk?

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  2. Cliff says:

    There are may types of desks available which you can find by searching the internet. From the way your question was posed I suspect you have some building experience and are interested in constructing your own. If, after your research, you are uncertain as to what to put where I suggest you try a full sizs mockup out of cardboard boxes and whatever. This may sound strange unless you’ve tried it but, as an architect, I’ve found cardboard mockups can be used to very quickly test ideas. If you can make it stiff enough you may even be able to test your designs. Good luck!

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  3. Tom Skowronski says:

    And I thought I was the only one who needed all that space. Nice fellas.

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  4. Brian McManus says:

    Dave Lindsay from Edinburgh Scotland, with an english accent was incessantly sniffing and wiped his nose with the back of his left hand and the snot was visible as he put it on the thing he was tying, I was so disgusted I turned his video off and will never tune in to him again. Slob!

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