Ray Bergman Collection – 192) King of the Waters

Ray Bergman Collection — By on March 29, 2012 10:40 am

Tag: Gold tinsel **
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Ribbing: Gold tinsel
Body: Crimson floss
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Gray mallard

* This fly is listed as King of the Waters on the title page opposite the color plate, and King of Waters on the recipe list.
** The tag on the King of the Waters is not listed in the recipe but it is visible on the color plate painting.

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  1. Richard LaPoint Jr. says:

    4 The tail in the picpure is not Golden Pheasant tippet it looks like gray mallard.

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  2. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Richard;
    Sorry to not catch your comment sooner; I don’t get any comment feed on these patterns as they come out.
    You are correct and the material is correct, it’s supposed to be gray mallard, but the text of golden pheasant tippet is incorrect. Thanks for calling this to my attention…not sure if I can get it fixed, I’ve tried before on little things like this and, well…
    Again, thank you for your interest, due diligence and time!

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  3. Garhan says:

    I love the work put into this fly and the research on its history. If those two brothers would have gotten along better, who knows what they could have come up with.

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