Ray Bergman Collection – 180) Jay Silver

Ray Bergman Collection — By on March 8, 2012 2:21 pm

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Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Ribbing: Oval silver tinsel (if desired) *
Body: Silver tinsel
Hackle: Ginger
Wing: European blue jay

* The above note in parenthesis on the ribbing of oval tinsel is original to the dressing in Trout, but it should be noted that oval tinsel is appealing, even desirable on any tinsel bodied fly where suggested. It enhances appearance on presentation flies and functionally increases durability by reinforcing the body on fishing flies and also increases the ‘flash-factor’ of the fly due to the multi-faceted structure of oval tinsel.
Ray Bergman wrote about this subject in his fly tying chapter in Trout, (pp. 420-421, 2nd ed.) as follows: “Winding first with flat tinsel and then winding over that with oval tinsel makes an effective body for some conditions, but on the whole I do not consider it necessary. However, the more tinsel that catches the light rays, the more the body will sparkle and look alive, thus using the oval embossed tinsel has its points, because it has a broken surface.”

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  1. Derek Pitman says:

    Very interesting fly that as a newcomer to the hobby I shall definitely try – but I find it a bit confusing when the materials list(hackle) differs from the picture of the fly. I know variations are perfectly acceptable, but as a learner it helps to have precise details. I apologise if I appear to niggle because this is a most helpful source of information.

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  2. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Derek;
    This is the Yellow Jay (Jay Yellow), and appears to have been inadvertently switched with No. 179, the Silver Jay. I believe my files are correct, I’ll see if I can get the site administrator to make the correction on these two patterns. Thanks for your due diligence and keen eye observation…I noticed it on the last fly as I went through the list in numerical order.

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  3. Derek Pitman says:

    I appreciate your response very much. May I ask – what species do YOU target with this fly? I’m going to Van.Island, B.C. this July and wonder if this might also be good for a summer steelhead there. It looks a lot like some of the sea trout flies we use in the UK , so maybe a sea-run cut throat too?

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  4. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Derek;
    Thanks for your interest in these patterns, and the jay winged wets…actually I have never fished any of the jay winged flies…the feathers are expensive and there are only 2 – 3 decent sets of feathers from each pair of wings. They are historic patterns that go back into the 1900’s…I am sure they would work on brook trout, salmon, rainbows, cutts, and steelhead. Good luck on your trip…a fishing report on any use of classic patterns would be appreciated!

    Also I contacted the site admin, no response yet.

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  5. Looks good, only thing I’d say is you may want to clean up the floss at the front (not that my flosswork is much better haha).

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