Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing 2011- by Peter Laurelli

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Peter Laurelli shows a glimpse of his 2011 surf and inshore season. From crashing albies to crusing stripers, this video is worth the watch. Be sure to check out the ammazing underwater footage and the massive blitz at the end.

“This is the full 35 minute version of the 2011 season fly fishing the inshore waters of the Northeast. Scenes focus on Western Long Island Sound, Breezy Point & NJ, flats of CT and New York, Block Island and Montauk.

The premise is the same each year; drag camera gear around from March to December in search of striped bass, bluefish and false albacore, point it at the water and see what comes out.” – Peter Laurelli

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  1. Jack says:

    I saw this on SOL, saved it on vimeo and watched it again just now because it was just that good. I fished the surf with everything but once the fly rod was in my hand it was a new ball game. Your video brings fly fishing from shore an adventure, an adventure right at your feet. Five stars!

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  2. David Castlen says:

    Great great ….. But the music is so very loud….. ever heard of Volvaldi…. I know I spelled it wrong….
    Still: great movie!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Person of Interest says:

    5 minutes of good material stretched for 35 laborious minutes: while trying to endure a mind numbing soundtrack.
    But for the guy in the video- what a great time!

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  4. RFD says:

    Loved it music and all!! Vivaldi is for dry flies anyhow!

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  5. Peter Laurelli says:

    Glad to hear both positives and negatives, sincerely, it all helps. Vivaldi though?? Really? Well, crazier things have happened… Good luck this year!

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  6. Rick Mackay says:

    The time and effort put into this film deserves nothing but thumbs up . Very enjoyable after just nailing some stripers in eastern Canada I can only imagine what that many fish must do to your nerves waiting for the first take . Excellent job Peter.

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