Yeti Coolers Review

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The last cooler you will ever buy… until you want another Yeti.
I have always seen coolers as a disposable item. You spend $80-100 and get a few years (if you’re lucky) until a handle/ lid breaks, the seal wears out, the drain breaks, or it gets a nice puncture hole. Forget all that, and get a Yeti. Designed with heavy outdoor use in mind, you won’t find cheap wheels, handles, or cup holders in the lid… all things that sacrifice the true purpose of a cooler. KEEP THINGS COLD.

Keeping things cold is what it all comes down to, and the Yeti deliver. I loaded up the cooler with bottles of water and ice tea for a family outing recently. A few hours later I went digging for and ice tea, and found upon opening my drink, it turned to slush.

YES! The Cooler worked so well it actually made my drink partially freeze!!!

That is reason enough for me to be a life long Yeti customer. But the features of their coolers are designed specifically to last a lifetime.
Make sure to check out for info on all of their different sizes and models of coolers.
Also, their facebook page for monthly cooler contests.

So for this review I will cover the Tundra 65. Which is a perfect size for drift boats, rafts, or the back of the truck. All of the Tundra series cooler have the same features, so just pick a size and you are good. The Tundra 65 measures out at:
Length: 30 1/2″
Width: 17 3/8″
Height: 16 ”

So my old cooler had some serious issue with keeping ice. Comparing the 2 side-by-side it is obvious that insulation is seriously business in the Yeti… unlike the thin walled non Yeti.

I don't even need to tell you which one holds ice longer

Check out a cross-section of a cooler… with a chainsaw.

YouTube Preview Image

The construction of these coolers is one-piece roto-molding, which is the way whitewater kayaks are built. There is a full fitting freezer grade seal around the entire top of the lid that forms an airtight seal when closed.

Full coverage seal

same kind of seal that's used on your freezer

No seal. Just plastic on plastic.

The cooler lid is kept closed with the two “T-Rex™ Lid Latches”. Which are super tough heavy rubber that lock into place with the base.

T-Rex latches

Yetis make a great casting platforms and the T-Rex handles are easy to flip, creating a snag-free front.

YouTube Preview Image

The handle options are great on the Yeti. There are the textured and padded grips that are strung on nylon rope, which is great for 2 people or carrying solo. There are also under-groves that the top for soloing. But the best part is they both lay flat and pretty much unbreakable (if you cut/ fray the rope, it is easily replaced).

Comfortable and durable carry handles

The old handles. No comfort, easy to break, and in the way.

The Yeti also has a great threaded drain plug with holes that allows the cooler to drain without fully removing.

Almost impossible to loose

This might be the most simple, yet the most inovative feature Of the Yeti. A dry basket. There is a recessed lip on the top of the cooler that allows for the included basket to hold food (or anything you want) above the ice, keeping it dry. Simple yet smart.

no more soggy lunch

All that not enough?
Well, the Yeti is Bearproof. YES BEARPROOF.
The lid has the ability to lock and with the strength of the body, even a bears can’t get your goods.

Yeah... not something you see on every cooler.

Lock it closed, keep bears out.

Not convinced?
Check this out…

YouTube Preview Image

Make sure to check out the Yeti site for a full lising and info on all their coolers.

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