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Cory Routh (Ruthless Outdoor Adventures) Has teamed up with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) for a new venture- Patriot Flies.

Cory is the co-founded the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association in 2002, which aims to bring together local kayak anglers. Following shortly thereafter was the creation of an annual Kayak Fishing Charity Tournament: which was started to support Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) and Heroes on the Water. At every tournament vets from both organizations are hosted for an on the water outing .

Starting this year, Cory has altered the format and created a fly division for the PHWFF vets. He envisions pairing up the PHWFF participants with experienced kayak fly anglers in a separate division. Naturally, with the newly added fly division, the need for flies became important. This is where the Patriot Flies initiative was born. Cory generously wanted to present the PHWFF participants with a box of assorted red, white, and blue flies to show the appreciation for their service to our country.

After initially contacting a few friends to create these patriotic flies, the idea grew when he encountered some great tiers willing to help online, thus he started the Patriot Flies Group Page on Facebook. Currently he has assembled some very talented pro tiers, as well as guys who tie for fun. The group is ever expanding and always interested in new members. Cory says, “I just think it is a great way to say “Thanks” to out Flyfishing Warriors.”

Many thanks to Cory from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing for all he has done to help healing those who served.

Please contact Cory or PHWFF at these links if you would like to donate flies or become involved.
Or email him- [email protected]

Patriot Flies Group:


Ruthless Outdoors Adventures:

Flies from Owl Jones

Fly by Jerry Daschofsky

Flies from Dean Thomas Slowride Guide Service

Cory Routh flies

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  1. Cory Routh says:

    Thanks for the press. I am very excited about seeing the results.

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  2. Cory is a fantastic guy! Cory also started the Tidewater Chapter of Heroes On The Water several years back. He is a wonderful steward of the outdoors and is always there to pass on his knowledge. Great job on Patriot Flies, Cory!

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  3. Awesome! Cory is the best! Looking forward to getting these flies on the water for our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing participants!

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  4. James Scott says:

    Work with the Project Healing Waters chapter at Maguire VA hosp. in Richmond VA.Great bunch of folks.We tie up a storm every Wednesday.

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  5. Dave Hall says:

    I started out as a warrior and meet and fished with Cory and the great folks from the TKAA at Virginia Beach and the local H.O.W. chapter in Farmville Va so now I help run the Healing Waters Program at Mcguire Va hospital in Richmond Va. seeing all the vets getting togetother and tying flies is truely a Healing process

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  6. Dave Hall says:

    I just want to say thanks to all the vets and to all that donate their time and money to make programs like the PHWFF and the HOW that are going so strong around the U.S. and if your not get started and see for yourself

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