Backstabber carp fly – by Intheriffle

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Hook: #08-04 Tiemco 2499SP or Gamakatsu SL45
Thread: UTC 140
Eyes: Lead Dumbell Eyes
Body: Hares Ear Dubbing
Tail: Marabou
Collar: Hen or Partridge Hackle

Materials and more great fly tying videos can be found at

Jay Zimmerman’s Backstabber is the benchmark for carp flies, just like the wolley bugger and adams are for trout. A general and easy to tie pattern, the backstabber should be in everyone’s warm water box. Colors and size can be adjusted to match local conditions.

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  1. Mitch Svaty says:

    A nice pattern, although I never caught a carp
    on a fly.

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  2. Ruffly says:

    You ought to go carp fishing !!!

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  3. Mitch Svaty says:

    Yeah I should go carp fishing!!!

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