IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) Show 2012- Part 1

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One product that will be of interest to fly tiers is the Copic Marker system. Traditionally used in the high-end art world, these refillable ink markers have come into favor with fly tiers. While they can be used as a regular marker, there is an airbrush kit that allows the marker to become a super useful tool for actually painting flies. With a simple tool to create a pattern (like a comb or some screen) you have the ability to make some killer flies.
Check them out http://store.copicmarker.com/pages/overview-airbrush-system

A small section of screen for a great popper look

Solid shading combined with a comb as a stencil make a great baitfish pattern

Beulah fly rods are some of my favorite switch rods and honestly can’t say they have a rod in their platinum line that isn’t a joy to cast. One of the cool things about Beulah is their openness and willingness to letting people really have fun at these shows. Each night of the shot the last rods to come off the pond were Beulah rods. Whether it was people trying to hit the 115’ cast with a 13/15 bluewater rod or reps and employees helping people get the feel of a spey cast or a 2handed overhead cast, each night the facility management had to come on the loud-speaker and ask “Ladies and gentlemen, would you kindly make your way to the exits? The show has ended for the day”.
Check them out at http://www.beulahflyrods.com/

The beulah platinum rods… pick one, they are all great.

Scientific angler really had some great innovations in something as basic as a tippet spool. UV color, non-wear labels, built in cutter, color coded labeling bands… cool stuff. They also have brought back the MADE IN USA System series of reels.

That’s a lot of tippet

Easy to read labeling and color coded for application

The new System reels

The SA System 4

Best in show winner, the GPX hover line. The super slow sink (1ips) is great for stillwater or fishing just under the surface.

Key an eye on this in the future. SA will be working with some big names to develop custom tapers for specfic applictaions. The first is the Bruce Chard Grand Slame saltwater line for tarpon, bonefish, and permit

Sage had a ton of new products at the show, and while rods were the main talk, there were some accessories that were pretty cool as well. There is a new line rod tubes that looked unbreakable and protect those high-end rods. Some great looking T-shirt designs. They have a new reel that allows you to super fine tune your drag. AND of course some great new rod designs.

Super strong rod tubes that look military grade

Some really cool t-shirt logos. The bottom middle trout is made up of tiny images of flies!

The 8000 PRO reel with 2 levels of drag. The main knob has settings 1-20, but that can be fine-tuned by 15% by adjusting the secondary knob with settings A-E. Super innovative

Sage rods… waiting

A little something for the high-end angler; Sage ONE elite

Looking for a slower rod? Check the Sage Circa

Kast is newer company that really made a big impact last year with their steelhead glove, a waterproof and warm-when-wet fishing specific glove. This year they were showing off some of their outerwear, which look awesome. I really liked the styling of their soft-shell and a low profile puffy insulated jacket was also a great fit.

Great styling on the softshell with the technical features to keep you dry and warm

The steelhead gloves… i have a pair and can’t say enough good things.

The outerwear lineup from Kast

Cheeky Reels kicked off the show launching a full line of reels from a small trout sized Stealth 325 (3.25” diameter) all the way up to a bluewater Dozer 525, with an impressive 5.25” diameter. There is no mistaking their great color combinations on reels and the heavy porting that leaves you with a super lightweight reel with a great drag system.
Check out their full line at http://www.cheekyflyfishing.com/reels

A lightweight reel that looks good

A Cheeky reel for any size

Vedavoo is a brand new company that really made a big impact at the show. With the owner left with just $700 he bought a sewing machine at materials for $600 and kept the internet on with $100 for marketing. Made in the USA


Keep an eye out for Vedavoo

Korkers really came into a good thing with their OmniTrax interchangeable soles. With a huge focus by angler for responsible wading in areas with invasive species, Korkers allows you to fish clean soles or designate a certain set of soles for a watershed. This year the will be offering the KGB (Korkers Guide Boot) which will feature full laces, a higher cuff for ankle support, and a tougher and more ridged construction. There are also a few new soles slated for release this year, including a version with aluminum bars.

Great line-up from Korkers

Korkers KBG boot

New studded rubber soles

New soles from Korkers

Smithfly is an Ohio based company doing some neat things with the idea of modular storage. Each item is super function on its own, but when paired with their boat back, chest pack, and waist pack you have truly customizable storage
check out all their products at http://www.smithfly.net/

Smithfly from Ohio

A piece of their modular system (The “El Poquito”) that will work awesome on its own or can attach to a larger item

The boat bag with two of the modular components added

a smaller water proof pack

Umpqua was launching their new logo, new flies, and some really nice new waterproof softgoods. Be on the lookout for these great patterns at a shop near you.

The Dragonator

The “booby frog”

The Great Lakes Goby

New Umpqua packs

Rite Bobbin makes some of the best bobbins you can buy. With a range of sizes to fit any spool or tying applications, paired with the ability to dial in the tension… you can beat them.

The full line of Rite Bobbins

Dial in the spool tension to meet your liking

Abel Reels had booth full of reels and accessories that hand lots of people drooling. Their custom print jobs are amazing and add that extra eye catching appearance to a industry leading made in the USA reel. It was neat to see the line of classic reels (classic, spey, and switch). Amazing products

As beautiful as they are functional

The Abel Classic, Switch, and Spey

The best nippers. 2lb to 100lb, cuts like butter

Great Abel accessories

Howler Brothers has really continued on an awesome path as a lifestyle clothing brand. They have a great mix of t-shirts and technical wear… with the common style. Be sure to check them out on Facebook since they consistently run contests for free gear.

Howler Bros

Love this Howler Bros shirt

Great long sleeve fishing shirts

Montana Fly Company made a huge impact at the show. With their amazing artist series products and innovative fly products, they were able to wrangle a best in show awards for their new “crabby patty” fly and boat box.

Bern Sundell at work on an awesome painting

a great looking bait fish pattern from MFC

Toad pattern

The award-winning Salt version of the boat box

Great crab bodies for the “crabby patty” pattern

The “Crabby Patty” from MFC

awesome new graphics for fly boxes

Great looking barred ostrich from MFC

The use of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) is a fast growing trending the Fly Fishing community, and leading that charge is Diablo Paddlesports. Diablo boats really capture the versatility of a kayak with in boat storage, ease of launch, comfortable ride… but at the same time a super stable platform that allows you to stand to cast or pole the boat.
Check out their boats at http://www.diablopaddlesports.com/

With all the bells and whistles… notice the Versi-Pole that is a combo of a paddle and a telescoping flats pole.

Costa sunglasses won an award at the show for their 580 sunrise lens… a lens designed specifically for the low-light times of sunrise and sunset. As fly anglers, we all know that these can be the most productive times of the day, so these sunglasses sound great!

Lots of styles of Costas to choose from

The award winning 580 lenses

Another new and soon-to-be everywhere company is Goat head sole spikes. Goat head makes spikes that can be added to anything boots, sandals, hiking boots…. Whatever. The packs come with a driver and bit ,which make instillation a breeze. Also the number of spikes in the packs is realistic amount for real traction.
Check them out http://www.solespikes.com/

Goat Head sole spikes

Goat Head installed on a wading boot

not just wading boots… the spikes can give grip to any sole

Peak is one of the top vises on the market. Their affordable price paired with Made in the USA construction makes them a top answer when someone asks “what vise should I get?” They have a great starter kit that includes a vise, instructional DVD and quality basic tool kit

The Peak vise and tube fly vise

Patagonia was the big winner at the show, bringing home 4 awards.
Best wading gear- Rio-Gallegos Zip-Front Waders
Best outerwear- 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket
Best Eco-friendly product R1 Full-Zip Jacket
Best General apparel- Minimalist Wading Jacket

Patagonia bringing home the hardware

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