IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) Show 2012- Part 2

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Make sure to check out PART 1 of our IFTD coverage- CLICK HERE

Yeti coolers is one of the fastest growing companies in the outdoor industry. I have one and honestly can say that they are worth their weight in gold. Durable and can keep ice for what feels like forever, they are a staple in boats/cars/ and jobsites all over with good reason… they are the best cooler you can buy.

oh yeah… they are bearproof

Yeti is now able to print custom graphics that will be there as long as you have the cooler

Redington has really raised the bar over the past few years with both their rods and waders. The Sonic-seamed waders and jackets are awesome, and have proved to be a durable/non-leaking alternative to stitched seams. But this year they took that technology in a few different directions- a packable wader and a neoprene hybrid wader. They also had some great new rods with great performance but at a even better price point. And for people making their first steps into the fly world, and amazing starter kit and cool casting tool that will even entertain the most seasoned angler.

Hybrid waders- breathable on top, neoprene on the legs

The TOPO combo. Rod, reel, backing, line, leader, tippet, nippers, and flies! just add water

TheFORM “rod… a short rod with no reel. A great way to practice your form and hauling, or terrorize your pets.

Not just mens… Redington has a great line-up of women’s waders and outerwear

The super impressive LINK rod

Ross had some really neat reels. They are offering custom colors that will be available at retailers in the near future.

The custom color Ross F1 reel

Keep an eye on your Ross retailer for the full line of the custom color reels

Something that I left the show gear lusting for… the Ross Pescador pliers

Pro-tube had a super impressive pool of talented tiers showcasing the demystifying pro-tube product that takes all the confusion out of tying on tubes. No junction tubing or special vises, they take all the guess work out. They have a new junglecock substitute that is easily mistaken for the real deal.
Check out the pro-tube system http://www.prosportfisher.com/


Pro-tube makes tying on tubes VERY easy

Pro-tube fly in progress

Bruce Berry from pro-tube showing off some killer flies

Pro-tube steelhead fly

Bruce Berry fly

junglecock substitute

Simms had a very strong show with an amazing amount of product. Their expansion is not just in facilities in Montana, but in their product offerings. There appeared to be more options for the salt angler

There have been some changes to the G4-Z wader that are 25% more breathable than years past

The OceanTek boat with a non marking sole and non-corsion hardwear is a great choice for the salt angler

Oceantek boot

A new and improved flats booth with added durability

The new Simms Hyalite rain shell

A new pattern for Simms that will be showing up on products this season

Some great Simms options for women

The classic Simms Guide Vest has undergone a facelift

Rio showcased their new logo and packaging. But not everything was cosmetic; they have 3 new technologies in their fly lines. The new floating tip and a new core construction that eliminates stretch sound pretty interesting.
Check them out at http://www.rioproducts.com/

Rio has a new upadated look

New technologies for Rio

TFO had some interesting new rods, from a 1/2wt ultralightweight rod to a new “TFO custom rod shop” that will be launched soon. The 1/2wt is part of their finesse series, and was a blast to cast. Being only 5’ in length, the rod had a great full flex and light touch, small tight wild trout streams? Panfish? This is your rod.

The TFO 1/2wt rod

The full line of TFO BVK reels

Keep an eye out for the TFO Custom Rods

Custom grips on the TFOs

For the past few years, under new ownership, Partridge has been investing serious time and resources to developing product with a more modern feel and marketed to the new generation of tiers. Each time I see Mark they have new and great improvements in hook designs and packaging that will help the consumer find what they need… and this year was no different.

New knottable wire bite leaders

New easy to read packaging with styles that relate to the modern tier

New logo accessories are also being rolled out

Fishpond launched an all new line of waterproof products call the “Westwater” line. Large duffle bags all the way to a chest and waist packs; these are some great products with all the bells and whistles you get with Fishpond products.
See everything from Fishpond at http://www.fishpondusa.com/fishing.cfm

A rolling carry-on with backpack straps and a large duffle for any travel need or style.

The Fishpond boat bag from the Westwater line. Customizable storage and a huge clear water-proof flap.

The on-stream packs from the Fishpond Westwater line

Freefly could possibly make the most comfortable shirt you can buy.
Made of Bamboo these lightweight and super breathable shirts make you forget you even have it on. The long-sleeved is light enough that even on a hot sunny day you are good to go, and have full protection form UV rays. They have a bamboo “sunmask” which blows away the competition. The fabric and construction make it cool, it will stay put, and won’t roll up at the ends or have a “pilly” feel.
Check out Freefly at http://www.freeflyapparel.com/

Freefly bamboo shirts

Understated logos on the left shoulder, and notice the seam placement for extra comfort

Great bamboo sunmasks that are the perfect match of comfort and function

Bamboo socks? I have never tried them… but I hear they are amazing

LL bean had a new 10 foot rod in their Silver Ghost line. They also had a really innovative belt system on their bootfoot waders. But these are your basic muck-boot foots, the BOA lacing system would fool anyone.

New Silver Ghost 10 foot rod

A side tightening belt with no buckle or closure in the front

No buckle or closure = more comfort

Yeah… those are bootfoot waders

Cliff Boxes are not something you can miss. From the distinct Yellow boxes to the blue foam… you know Cliff on site and their quality products. They had a cool new box for keeping all those articulated, intruders, string leeches, or any other pattern that doesn’t like a normal box. Also some neat inserts to their large boat box that allow you to easily keep a few flies out of the closed box.

WY business… make no mistake

Removable insert that allows flies to stay in reach while the main supply is safely in the box

The new smaller sized intruder box will keep those unruly flies in check

campfire fun

NRS had a TON of buzz around their new boat, a fully inflatable drift boat called the “Clearwater drifter”. Framed and pumped up like a raft, self-bailing like a raft, packable like a raft, but it’s a drift boat.

Do you row in the cold? a simple fix for those cold wet hands

Clearwater inflatable drift boat

Blurring the lines between boat and raft

Scott Fly Rods had some really nice rods at the casting pond. But being a glass rod noob, I really wanted to see what all the recent re-birth of glass is all about… So why not try out the best? The F2 is a really beautiful casting rod… smooth slow and a joy to cast. I might be a convert… we’ll see. Either way, if you have a chance to cast/fish/buy this rod… do it.

Trouthunter was a new company for me, somehow I have mistakenly missed these guys over the past few years. They had some impressive stats showing their break strength against other manufactures… pretty impressive. They also had some great looking dubbing from their Rene Harrop signature line.

Don’t sleep on Trouthunter

Some of the strongest tippet on the market

Trouthunter’s Rene Harrop dubbing

Spirit river came out with a full line of UV infused materials over the past few years. The year they were showcasing an even better UV2 on most of their products… very neat stuff to see under a UV light. There were also a few other product that caught my eye.

Great color combos of the new tip dyed bucktails

Spirit River’s UV2

Barred UV2 rabbit strips

Orvis launched the new version of the famed Helios rod… the H2. There were also some nicely designed packs. A line of sonic welded water-proof bags, and some great options for female anglers

The H2

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