Hatches Theater- Brian Wise fall ’12, troutification, Rich Strolis wrap-up

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Fall fishing in the Ozarks….can’t be beat. Join Brian Wise, his friends, family, and clients as they fish through Fall, 2012. Also be sure to check out Brian’s tying videos CLICK HERE

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Seven days of fishing in Lapland.
Seven days of frustration during the hunt for nonrising and insanely easily spooked trout.
This edit is in noway representative for our feelings during that week. You have probably seen it before. A classic mashup of success. Every happy moment that ends with a smile in this film, is a result of hours waiting for rising trout and bad casting spooking them. Still, there aint any life better than the “Good Life Of Flyfishing”.

“Just a quick remix of some of 2012’s highlights from my year. Thanks to all of my supporters in 2012″- rich strolls
Be sure to check out Rich at http://www.catching-shadows.com or his tying content on Hatches- CLICK HERE

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    Nice fish but crappy music!

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