Silver Glödhäck- by Anton Pousar

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Anton Pousar tying a scandinavian style tube fly for salmon called Silver Glödhäck.

“Me and Anton were doing a fly tying workshop and I decided to film his part for my blog. It was pretty tough to edit because there was lots of stuff I needed to cut out and speed up because the tying was focused for the tyers at the workshop, not the video. I just tried to be out of the way mostly with my camera. I also had to leave at the end and leave the camera rolling so the last parts are a bit out of focus/frame.
Also tried my hand at a vintage film look so if that’s not your cup of tea you probably won’t like the style too much.”- Timo Kontio

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  1. Rusty Rustenburg says:

    Liked the music and the tying! Gret job on video too!

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