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This was a great way to spend a night

Without a doubt, the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) is one of the best thing for fly fishing in the past 10yrs. Part film festival, traveling road show, art viewing, bucket list creator, and mostly an awesome way to get ramped up for the upcoming year. For 2013 the F3T will hit 150 cities in the US, Canada, and Belize with crowds expected to be 40,000+!

We got our hands on a peview of some of the films on the 2013 tour, and being an person who is constantly digesting Fly Fishing media, I can honestly say I was impressed on all fronts. One thing cool about the F3T is that while there are a bunch of “offical tour selections” each stop will feature a select group for that location.

Want to see when the F3T rolls into town? Check their cool interactive map http://flyfilmtour.com/2013-schedule

Curious at what kind of movie goodness you’ll be seeing? Well here are all the trailers
Leave us a comment on which was your favorite!

Magnetic North by Fly Out Media
Magnetic North tells the story of the draw of Alaska, told through the voices of guides and anglers who live and work there. For anyone who has spent time in the Last Frontier, you know that there is an intangible connection to the land, wildlife, water, and culture. Magnetic North focuses beyond the incredible fishing by presenting the human attraction and intrinsic connection to this truly wild place.

BrownBro by Strobot Productions
The region of Tusheti Georgia has had minimal fly fishing exploration and in the fall of 2012 a crew of four Americans traveled to Georgia’s rugged Caucasus Mountains to see what promises it might hold for fly fishing. While the Georgian people have been fishing these rivers for centuries, mostly with nets and bait, it was largely off the map for fly fishers….

Reel: A Day On The River by OMS Photography
For many, the Upper Delaware and Catskill region is a refuge from the hectic pace of life in the working world. For anglers especially, it is an opportunity to fully immerse mind, body and spirit in the unique rhythms of the river system. The elemental act of angling enables this escape in a way nothing else can…

Thai One On by Cinema Digital
Deep in the pristine jungle of northern Thailand lies the Mae Ngao. Literally translated Mae Ngao means the River of Reflection. Named for its crystal clear water, the Mae Ngao is home to the legendary Mahseer. A species first prized by British anglers during the days of the Raj. Known as the aquatic tiger of the Asian subcontinent the Mahseer is revered for its phenomenal fight. Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers and a local guide…

Enough is Enough by Keith Brauneis and CalTrout
Enough Is Enough is the story of northern California’s McCloud River, its fish and its unique impact worldwide on fly fishing. The compelling story, told by three longtime locals who know the river like no others, helps remind us that as anglers, it’s our job to respect our history in order to protect our future.

Urban Lines by TwoFisted Heart Productions
TwoFisted Heart Productions partnered with Freestone Entertainment to create a film on the tidal Potomac River that counters common stigmas and stereotypes of fly fishing. Four fly fishermen in Washington, D.C. demonstrate that fly fishing is more than an individual pursuit of the catch, more than once-a-year out West or once-in-a-lifetime trips to exotic locations abroad…

Turning Tail by Gray Ghost Productions
Throughout the East Coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. For a fly fisherman it may be the best fresh water game fish there is, to a biologist it represents a long history of research, and to the conversationalist, in many cases it is the one to save.

Best Guide Never by Hank Patterson
Unofficial, unrecognized, and self-titled “F3T Spokesperson” Hank Patterson serves as instructor, educator, river jester, and oblivious fish oracle in multiple short-length segments throughout the presentation of other more “official” films. Hank’s ignorance and his client’s unfortunate selection in a guide, proves fortuitous for all who witness this folly of a fish film.

Hit ’em Again Doc by Bryan Huskey Nobody intended to make a sequel to Doc of the Drakes. It was coincidence that filmmaker Bryan Huskey even ended up on the water with Pete and Doc again this past summer. But the hyper-enthusiasm and sincere nature of Silver Creek Outfitters guide Pete Wood draws attention too easily. Equally engaging is Dr. Robert Franklin, who at 85 had been on an incredible journey…

The Calico Syndicate by Tight Loop Media and Fin Film Company
A group of five friends of diverse backgrounds are brought together by a common love of saltwater fly fishing to chase the jewel of California Sea Bass, the Calico. Fly anglers are at a disadvantage to regular “gear” fishermen because of the difference in the type of lures they use. However, the group lends their unique resourcefulness to the problem…

Blackwater Devil’s Gold by Castaway Films
For producer Grant Wiswell, fly fishing has always been about exploration. A few years back he had the opportunity to travel to the Bolivian jungle to fish and film on the Pluma and Itirisma Rivers. While his trip was deemed a success and the resulting film, “Devil’s Gold”, garnered industry-wide awards and acclaim, Wiswell couldn’t shake the itch to return….

The Brothers Brown by Robert Thompson
The Brothers Brown is the story of three streamer junky brothers who grew up fishing the lower Au Sable River on a stretch known as the “trophy waters.” This section of river is notoriously tough. 26 to 30-inch Brown Trout are not uncommon – spending days, weeks or even years trying to catch one however, is a different story….

Fall Run by Todd Moen “Fall Run” is the ultimate Pacific Northwest steelhead adventure. This is the true story every angler dreams about retelling around the campfire forever. Hooking and landing a steelhead on a fly is not easy. It is arguably the most difficult type of fly fishing in the world. Add the challenges of Mother Nature’s moods, an unpredictable wild creature and one single, split-moment chance to capture it all on film….

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