Muddler Minnow

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The Muddler Minnow is a timeless streamer that has been around and catching fish well before all the new materials and patterns that are front and center in today’s Fly Fishing market. Tim from Tightlines Productions break down a few tips and tricks that will make tying this pattern much easier. While this video shows an unweighted fly, adding a conehead with make for a ver effective pattern.

Video by Tightlines Productions check out more HERE

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  1. Murray Buck says:

    Nicely done, once the audio quit sputtering (about a minute in) this was a very good instructional video….

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  2. Mitch Svaty says:

    Really well done fly, where do you get the Double Edge
    stainless steel blades?

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  3. Tightline says:

    Most large Drug stores carry them. I’ve got them stockpiled because it’s such an archaic product I’m afraid they’ll stop making them. I’ve found nothing else that works as well.

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