Hatches Theater- Silver lining, Blue Nights, and Steelhead Plight

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We covered the delovping issues of proposed dredging of Key West Harbor and its impact on tarpon in this post (CLICK HERE)

The proposed idea to dredge and widen the Key West Harbor to allow Mega Cruise ships to dock. A group of concerned group of guides -The Lower Keys Guides Association – has taken a strong stance against this proposed idea and is leading the fight to educate the public and convince politicians that dredging in Key West’s National Marine Sanctuary is not worth the potential environmental (and financial) impact.

Colorado’s Blue River through Dillon and Silverthorne is popular with fly anglers in every season. Easy access and the promise of big fish equate to plenty of company on any decent run. During the day. The Fly Collective set out this winter to show a different, darker side of the Blue. Just as fishy, just as cold, but an entirely different experience.
Music: Timber Timbre “I Get Low” & Ultraista “Gold Dayzz”
Camera & Edit: Russell Schnitzer & Ivan Orsic
The Fly Collective at facebook.com/flycollective

Wild Reverence “The Plight of the American Wild Steelhead” chronicles one of the most sought after fish on the planet and the severe decline of wild populations with hope and solutions for a wild future.

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  1. Herman Steytler says:

    Well done guys. Loved the passion caught up in the vids!

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