El Sculpito Sculpin – by Clark “Cheech” Pierce

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Clark Pierce shows a cool Sculpin pattern. Some unique materials and original application gives a great looking fly.
Clark Pierce and Curtis Fry have teamed up for http://www.flyfishfood.com

Hook- B10s 1/0
Thread- Black UTC 140 denier
Eyes- barbell
Body- Olive rabbit zonker & simi-seal dubbing
Fins- sili legs
Head- dubbed congo hair

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  1. Paula says:

    Great — Looks like a great pattern and the video illustration and audio description are super. Thanks.

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  2. Great pattern. I am going to try one using some SF systhetics for the body and EP streamer brush for the head. My wife does not approve of alternative uses for our coffee grinder to make dubbing!

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  3. Tim Robinsin says:

    Ef-Yeah! that looks great dude. Gonna tie some of those for the spring creeks around here! Loving those eyes.

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  4. Cheech says:

    Thanks for the kinds words on El Sculpito.

    Jim – If you take longer fibers and use two dog slicker brushes and rub them all together, you can blend it much better than with a coffee grinder.

    Tim – Those CCG eyes are the BOMB!

    Clark (CHEECH)

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  5. Glenn Rogers says:

    Great tying… and excellent commentary. Maximum amount of info. / details with minimum amount of talking.
    concise…informative…no silly rock music. Like rock music but not in place of clear instructions.

    Good job Cheech….do more video….
    Only suggestion would be to provide alternative materials that you could substitute for your Congo hair?

    thanks again.

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  6. Marco says:

    Great looking pattern! And very nice video, too!

    Greets from Italy!

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  7. Cheech says:

    Glenn – I have been thinking about a substitute material for the head and in smaller sizes I have used Arizona Simi Seal or Arizona Mega Simi Seal. It just needs to be a somewhat coarse dubbing with longer fibers.

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  8. Linda Friedman says:

    I kept missing the name of the place where to buy the E P Fibers or congo hair. Can someone please post?

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  9. Kirk says:

    Great looking fly, Cheech! Should work a treat on the local creek.
    Congo hair is a product of the Fly Tyers Dungeon, and The Mad Scientist that runs it.
    Generous portions of materials at rock bottom prices. He’s not the middle-man, he’s the manufacturer.
    Order one of his gift boxes for even better prices.

    Kirk (A very satisfied customer.)

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  10. dabflytr says:

    Very nice pattern I make sculpins made with moose mane and the under fur from it. The results are very similar to this one!

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  11. Dave Moser says:

    Great Pattern, and Great Job on the presentation! Thanks for Sharing.

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  12. Deborah Briggs says:

    Great Pattern! Has anyone found where to get bronze simi-seal dubbing?

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  13. Cheech says:


    The color is “bronzeback” You can find all of the colors at http://www.azflyfishing.net I also tie with most of the other colors. AZ simi seal is by far my favorite dubbing for all kinds of stuff.


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  14. eric says:

    excellent tying

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  15. Jack Power says:

    Hi, could you please give me the right name for that turbo thingy you used for the dubbing loop?

    Best from Ireland


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