Anatomy of a Tube Fly- HMH Vises

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Curious about tube flies? Want to know the basic rigging? Looking for some tube inspiration?
Check out this clip from the “Anatomy of a Tube Fly” chapter from HMH Universal Tube Fly Method DVD.

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  1. danflytr says:

    It is a nice and innovated concept to what can be made with tubes. I am interested in making a form of spinner(“not mayfly”) but lure type from the tube fly concept!

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  2. Ad van Lith says:

    Indeed very nice idees. now a days you can get/buy everything you need to tying tubeflies.
    I still remember the time we use ear-cleaner-sticks to tie tubeflies. And rubber tubing from bicycles to hold the hook in the right position.Lots of fun whwn one cats fish from pike to perch and zander we catch a lot that way.

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  3. JamieT says:

    The Tubeworx system here in the UK works really well. Don’t know if it’s available in the US yet though.

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  4. Tom Gibbons says:

    Great flys, refreshing background music. Thank you.

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