Hatches Theater- Winter, 584, and Chasing Waters

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Fly Fish the Mitt Shows that even though winter has had a long grip, things are still good.
“Every year around this date the expectation is for the weather to be warmer. The plan was to streamer fish but 20 degree temps and wind chills in the teens said otherwise, it’s still winter. Last year at this time it was in the mid 70’s. The alternative was to chase steelhead, no one ever said this was a bad backup plan…at least I hope not.”

Camp 584
Fish, Friendship & Dogs,
No Less, No More
“… you have to admire a fish that can swim 680 miles..”

Chasing Waters is a journey through 13 rivers and streams in Arkansas, showing all of the opportunities and species of fish that are available within a day’s drive of most of the residents of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kansas, and Missouri. Join us as we show the places and tactics to “Get Bent” and see the reason we are always “Chasing Waters”.

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