Flavio- by Hans Weilenmann

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Hook: Umpqua U203 #14, or any longshank curved hook
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, olive
Shuck: Antron, amber; Lemon woodduck barbs
Abdomen: Goose biot, dyed olive
Thorax: Argentinean hare, dyed olive
Wing: CDC, natural; polypropylene (or fine antron), grey
Legs: Whiting Brahma hen saddle, dyed dark olive (or brown partridge, dyed olive)
Head: Argentinean hare, dyed olive

See more from Hans at http://www.danica.com/flytier

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  1. Tom Gibbons says:

    Bravo, always a pleasure to watch a master,thank you.

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  2. Mitch Gunner Svaty says:

    Really Great Fly and video!

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  3. Jack Campbell says:

    Excellent Tie!
    I fish an emerger exclusively. Next best thing to fishing a drie.

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