Lurefil MF Nymph- by Lucian Vasies

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Hook: Caddis #14 Daiichi D1130
Thread: yellow body tread Devaux and 17/0 UniThread
Tail: Coq de Leon
Underbody: yellow Devaux nody thread
Body: olive lurefil
Torax: super nymph dubbing or dubbing from hare mask mix with syntethic dubbing
Wingcase: pearl scudback
Heavy: tungsten bead 3mm

Tie in your tail and lay a thread base

Attach the body material to the rear

Wrap the body leaving gaps for segmenting

Attach the wingcase and partridge

Dub the thorax

Advance the partridge and secure the wingcase

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  1. Don Mear says:

    This is a top notch fly!

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  2. Vali says:

    Faina musca , Lucian !
    O s-o incerc pe Pere Marquette si Au Sable, sezonul asta.
    Multumesc pentru idee!


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