Hatches Theater- PTTS, Flood Red, and Skeena steelhead

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The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS) started on May 19, 2013. Save the Tarpon was there to document the protest and the new ‘conservation-minded’ handling techniques the PTTS had adopted after our push for them to eliminate the “gaff, drag and weigh” segment of their TV reality show. (DNA had linked dead fish to the tournament and our opinion is their handling techniques were responsible.)
The PTTS had been bragging all winter about the new weighing format which involves taking a quick length and girth measurement instead of the previous technique of weighing the fish in a giant sling on the beach. They refuse to move the tournament to a ‘most-releases’ format as we suggested. Apparently, it just doesn’t make for good TV.
In this video, which has been shortened for obvious reasons, we witnessed this fish being held on a ‘clip-on gaff’ for over 20 minutes before it was finally released. Moments after its release, it went belly up in front of numerous individuals, including the production crew for the PTTS.
This is just one of aspect of our complaints with the PTTS. To understand more as to why we are calling for an end to the PTTS to protect the Boca Grande tarpon fishery, please visit savethetarpon.com.

Flood Tide Red on the Cayo SUP by Chase Hancock

Holy smoke, those Skeena fish are really hot. Back home after a fantastic BC. Trip. Columbus Leth and I managed to land 30 big Steelies (Most fish was Sea liced). Two fish was 20 lbs and with a 22Lbs. for Columbus as the biggest. Beside the twenty pounders, we managed to land 21 Steelhead between 13 – 19 Lbs. Smallest fish was a couple of 13lbs chromes. Many of the fish stripped us for more than 200meters of backing in the first run, and most of the time we had to jump behind a hot Chromer 200 – 300m downstream before we managed to land the fish. For more visit http://salmonjunkies.com

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