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There’s a reason for the saying “Montana, The Last Best Place.” Whether it’s true or not, Montana is surely a special place. For 6 days we would be fly fishing in remote locations along the expansive wilderness found in Northwest Montana. The fishing was awesome, and the backdrop for it all second to none. To top it all off we legally could fish for bull trout. We had an amazing time and got some beautiful shots which we are stoked to share with everyone. Enjoy!

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  1. Gary Weglarz says:

    Awesome photography and scenes guys! Really nice work! Great mixing in the underwater shots.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  2. JMC says:

    I have been enjoying fly fishing in Montana, my residence, for almost forty years and yes it is unique and precious. I just hope anyone visiting these streams isn’t disappointed by the lack of a music soundtrack. I haven’t experienced the same melodic accompaniment while on the rivers here and I must confess I think I have appreciated the experience more so with the subtle resident ambient sounds. To bad that, what is perhaps one of the most special parts of the experience here, just doesn’t seem to be enough for some without audio contrivances. Maybe add a light saber duel midstream to liven up the oh too boring humdrum of the wilderness?

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  3. nympermaniac says:

    Very nice filming. The stream sounds at the beginning were beautiful. I really like to hear the sounds of nature and exchanges between fishermen on the stream. Can you tell me why you needed the insane music? It seems to be prevalent in quite a few videos.

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  4. Herman Steytler says:

    Water clarity made for stunning shots. Good stuff!

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