Isonychia Parachute- by Tightlines

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Isonychias or “ISOs” for short are a very popular and productive hatch in the east and midwest. Tightlines Productions and Matt Grobert team up for this tying video with some great technique and pointers for creating parachute flies.

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  1. JERRY says:

    I think your website sux. Why so you go through the trouble of presenting a fly tying video when you have an ad overlayed on the interesting video.
    Hopefully more money for you I guess, however a good reason to go elsewhere for me.

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  2. Ron says:

    Too bad you screwed up a good video, again! How about checking what you send out to us.

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  3. grant says:

    jerry, & ron,
    you can right click and watch on vimeo site with no advert. no good for the natches website advertising but solves the problem



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  4. Chad says:

    i have to agree you should double check before you upload

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  5. Mike says:

    I thought it was a very nice presentation! It is a shame that some of the other comments were so bad and wrong! Guess they are having a hard time in life!

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