Autumn Sunrise by Jim Misiura

Flies Using GCO Hooks, Videos — By on September 24, 2013 9:45 am

A red Pheasant Tail with a pinch of Czech for the thorax. Jim used a GC5262 hook for this pattern. Click Here for more information

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  1. scottiesflies_original says:

    An example of how the nymph should be tied, as Davy said” once you have tied a couple they will suddenly come easier and easier. This nymph or similar and sizes, will be able to fish throughout the season, she’s a bottler Davy
    Regards Idris Welch scottiesflies

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  2. Chris says:

    Beautiful fly! And, all the traditional steps to tie the original pheasant tail. Thanks so much for the video

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  3. Dr. Richard A Carroll says:

    Clean, well manicured fingernails go a long way in filming and viewing these “how to tie” segments. Also knowing how the camera is seeing your efforts will also assist the viewer in his quest.

    A small amount of head cement over the lead wraps seems to assist your efforts by not “bleeding” through the fly.

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